Event Lighting Production

Event Sound Production

Any company can throw a few lights onto stands and claim that they "do lighting." If you want your event or production to stand out from the everyday point-and-shoot, however, trust the professionals at Pretty Lights Productions.

We heavily invest and re-invest in lighting technology to continuously bring the latest, most power-conscious, brightest, smoothest and quietest equipment to your event. We won’t light your all-important show with inadequate lighting - or overcharge you by using equipment that is too big for your needs. The diversity of our lighting,rigging and power distribution equipment is certain to provide the correct lighting solution for your event.


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Specialising in Many audio systems for one-off, club and live music events, often in challenging environments. Pretty Lights NZ excel at providing high quality sound for any event from club nights and live bands and arenas to in-store events, weddings and fashion shows. We can run everything for you or just drop off a sound system and set it up.

All Hire prices are based on a Weekend Hire Policy:

Collect  Thursday evening Friday,

or saturday morning and  

Return on the Monday for the same single rate!

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