Smoke and haze Machine Hire

Prices are for a weekend hire. 

All prices based on a  Weekend Hire Policy: Collect  Thursday evening Friday, or saturday morning and  Return on the Monday for the same single rate!

Old smoke Machine.still works great but recomed out side use as it spits a bit


Old smoke Machine.still works great but recommend out side use as it spits a bit


This smoke/fog machines performance is reliable and has rugged construction for durability. It features thermal protection device. Intended to be used in various venues such as a small club or bar. Create atmosphere at a reasonable price for performance. This fogger supports the DMX-512 signal control. Power: W Direct thermal protection Warm-up time: 7 Min Output(cu.ft/min) Tank capacity: 2L Weight: 9kgs Package volume: 450x220x300mm Wired Remote to activate smoke / fog

900 to 1000 WATT Smoke machines---This is our main machine.


1000 WATT Smoke machine----Suit Big room or hall

Machine comes with full tank of fluid. If you need more It $10 a liter.

700 Watt Smoke Machine + LED Jelly Ball


Hot new party favorite combines two of the best party products
Smoke machine with a jelly ball

Ready to go with fluid

A two-in-one product comprising a smoke machine in combination with a LED Jelly Ball creating superb smoke production for smaller premises. As a result of the LED technology, the crystal transparent ball and the smoke stunning and amazing ball effects are created. By using this combination producing light effects is rapidly and effectively achieved. Features a remote control with 3m cable and a 250ml built-in fluid tank. Ideal for use in bars, clubs, at home etc.

Smoke Machine With LED lights,Timer Controller and remote


Rage 1000LED Smoke Machine With Timer Controller
The Rage 1000LED is a stylish 1000W DMX smoke machine that provides a great fog effect in combination with 6x 9W 3-in-1 (RGB) LEDs for endless colour capabilities. This smoke machine has a sturdy metal housing and a tank capacity of 2 liters! Can be used with the included wired remote control (LCD with 3m cable) as well as with the wireless remote control. Suitable for small to medium size venues.

  • 1000W smoke machine with 3-in-1 LEDs

  • A high illuminated column of smoke

  • LCD remote control with timer function

  • Red, Green or Blue LED colour control by DMX or stand alone

  • Digital display to set DMX functions and stand-alone settings easy

  • 2000ml smoke fluid tank

  • Wired remote control, cable length 4m

Ice Fogger - ICE1200 MKII


ICE1200 MKII Ice Fogger

A 1200W professional ice fogger using ice to cool the smoke producing a heavy fog which creeps along the floor. Suitable for various venues, live performance stages and theatres. Equipped with a high quality heating element and a large fluidtank. Supplied with remote control


  • 1200W ice fogger

  • Works with standard smoke fluid and ice cube

  • 2300ml fluid tank

  • Thermostatically controlled heater

  • Wired remote control, cable length 5m

1500 watt Smoke/haze machine timer (water based Fluid)


1500 watt Smoke/haze machine. Can set to pump small amount all night with timer and setting.(water based Fluid)

Smoke Machine 2500 Watts -DMX


S2500 Smoke Machine DMX LED 24x 10W 4-in-1

This new combination of a powerful Co2 simulated fog plume effect and a professional 2500W smoke machine is a powerful fogger with 24x 10W LEDs surrounding the output area, which add intense colour effects to each fog burst. Equipped with a high quality heating element. The 24x 10W LEDs with powerful Red, Green, Blue, and Amber colours. An easy accessible fluid tank compartment for refill and transportation ease. Newly designed fluid piping system removes the remaining fluid to provide clear bursts without excess fog. Smoke fluid quick disposal Co2 based fluid (160.648) is specially designed for this machine, makes the effect more perfect and precise with a fast-dissipating formula. The smoke machine has a build in control panel. The digital LCD display lets you set DMX and stand alone functions.



The F-1700 is Chauvet's biggest fogger yet! This is a premium machine with a large 3.7 quart tank capacity and enough fog output to fill even the largest of clubs with ease. If you need thick persistent fog to add depth and saturation to your light show, the F-1700 has power to burn. And with the front-panel fluid level indicator lights, you?ll never run out of fluid mid-show.


  • 1,700-watt heater

  • Output: 15,000 cubic feet per minute

  • 3.7 quart tank capacity

  • Wired timer remote included

  • Manual fog button

  • Fluid level indicator lights

  • Unit shuts down when out of fluid

  • Includes hanging bracket

  • Size: 18.9" x 9.4" x 5.9". Wt. 17.6 lbs.

2500 watt Smoke/haze machine timer (water based Fluid)


2500 watt Smoke/haze machine. Can set to pump small amount all night with timer and setting.(water based Fluid)

Antari 3000 watt smoke Machine


 Antari 3000 watt smoke 1l fluid. Extra fluid $10 liter Prices are for 2 nights hire

3000 watt smoke Machine


 3000 watt smoke 1l fluid. Extra fluid $10 liter Prices are for 2 nights hire

Big Oil Hazer

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The performance of HZ-500 is second to none and better than any other hazers on stage. It can work perfectly with laser beam, lighting and bring the best atmospheric effects to all events. 

Antari Oil Hazer HZ-100


This durable, compact size HZ-100 conveniently lends itself to stage, concert and movie work where ease of operation is can simply attach the optional HC-1 Timer Controller to the HZ-100 and adjusts the timers interval and duration settings at ease. 

Smoke Fluid

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Standard fog fluid specially formulated to give high quality performance for all makes of fog machines up to 900W. As a result leaving no residue from this non-toxic, water based fluid.

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