Moving Mirror & Beams

Prices are for a weekend hire. 

All prices based on a  Weekend Hire Policy: Collect  Thursday evening Friday, or saturday morning and  Return on the Monday for the same single rate!

Tri beam head led


Martian acrobat

$20 each 2 avalible

martian acrobat

TRI SCAN - Triple Head Scanner


This scanner boasts three heads, each with 5 high power LEDs in red, green, blue, white and amber. The three mirrors operate both independently and synchronised on the X axis providing large area coverage while giving a sharp and colourful moving effect. Operational in auto, sound-to-light or DMX modes, ideal for use as a centrepiece for a variety of small to medium sized venues, nightclubs or for mobile DJs.

Martian mx 4 Pair

$20 for 2 $30

Pair Martian scaners

$20 or 2 $30

pair maniacs x800 

twin led scanners

$20 or 2 $30

 twin led scanners

Martin RoboScan Pro 918

ask for price

  • 1 fixed Gobo Wheel with 9 gobos plus open.

  • 1 Rotating Gobo Wheel with 6 gobos plus open.

  • 2 color Wheels each with 9 color slots plus open.

  • 575 Watt discharge lamp.

  • Adjustable rigging bracket

  • Motorized iris and focus.

  • MP2 updates the software over the DMX link

  • Noiseless operation

  • PAN/TILT range of 180°/72°.

  • Rotating prism.

Martin RoboScan Pro 518

ask for price

  • 14 color filters

  • 250W discharge lamp

  • 5 rotating and interchangeable gobos

  • Combined mechanical dimmer/shutter

  • CTC and UV filter

  • DMX or stand-alone mode

  • Fixed 3-facet prism

  • Frost filter

  • Full range, microstep-driven dimming

  • Two 4-color filters


$45 for 2

white spider


Moving bar


LED Ball


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