Festoon,Fairy & seed Lights

Prices are for a weekend hire. 

All prices based on a  Weekend Hire Policy: Collect  Thursday evening Friday, or saturday morning and  Return on the Monday for the same single rate!

LED Festoon Lights

Warm White

$10 per 4meters

  • $10 per 4 meter length (20 Bulbs per 4m) 

  • $50 per 20 meter length (100 Bulbs per 20m) 

  •  Warm white LED.( slightly different from the other LED festoons)

  • You can connect Five together on the same power supply for a 20 meter Length.

  • 10m power led before the first Festoon bulb

Homemade rustic Festoon Lights

Warm White

$40 per 20meters only 2 sets avalibel

  • you can have up to 20 bulbs on a 20m length. ( the light bulb fittings are removable.)

  • Bulbs are LED milky warm white (very bright) or normal Glass. 

Warm White Fairy Lights

Warm White

$10 to $25

 Warm white fairy lights. 15, 25, 35, 40 meter Lengths available .

Fairy Lights battery Powerd

Warm White and cool white

From $5 to $30

Warm White and cool white. all different lengths available. 5 meters to 100m

Cool White Fairy Lights

Cool White

from $10

Cool white fairy lights. 25 ,35,40  meters

Blue Fairy Lights


$10 per 20meters

Blue fairy lights 

3x3M 300LED Window Curtain

Cool white


Fairy Light curtain

Seed Light curtains

warm white


Warm white seed light curtain

  • 1.4m Curtain lit length

  • 1.95m Strand drop

  • Snowing effect

  • 300 Warm white LEDs

Seed Lights

warm white

From $5 lots of diffrent lenghts

Warm white seed lights. Lots available from 1 meter to 10 meters 

Seed Rope Light

warm white


8m lit length warm white

Seed Light Jars x6

warm white

From $20

Warm white seed light jars x6

warm white

$20 for 6 bottles.

Warm white seed light bottles .

$20 6 x led in bottle LEDs Great Effect.

mix of random bottles

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